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As most of you know, the members of our STM Choir serve our community by helping to keep the music going at our regular Sunday services.

We do music in different styles, depending on the occasion. The choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing.

We usually practice on Fridays at 6 pm in the church.

We would love to welcome you in our midst.


Volunteer service schedules at our STM Bonn Community

We ask all volunteers – lectors, second lectors, ushers, altar servers – to check the "Schedules" section on our homepage regularly to see who is scheduled for a service, and also to find out when volunteers are needed for particular Sundays.

The schedules will not be printed in our bulletins anymore.

With your help STM Parish Office will keep the online schedules up to date. We would like to avoid printing wrong information or causing confusion by seeing names of people in the bulletin who were originally scheduled but unfortunately - due to a change of their private agenda - had to cancel.

If you would like to volunteer for particular Sundays, please inform the coordinators of your group, as well as our STM Parish Office.

Furthermore, if you are scheduled for a service and for some reason you cannot attend Mass on that Sunday, we would appreciate it, if you could inform the STM Office and your coordinators. In case you were able to find someone to cover for you, please inform the STM Office as well. The new information will be edited online under "Schedules" forthwith.





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Father Stephen Oranuba

STM Parish Priest 2007 to this day

Father Stephen Oranuba